ISPO Münich 2019

We were invited to ISPO Münich 2019 which took place in the beginning of February in the lovely city of Münich in Germany.

There are no words to describe the vastness of this trade show. It is aimed at anything that has any relation to sports and sports professionals. We met wonderful people from all over the world and got to experience a world class event.

Our participation at the event was centered around the Health and Fitness arena and we presented during the first two days. Yoga, mobility, playful movement and the fundamentals of training were covered in one way or another. Thea rocked the Body & Mind stage whilst I was nerding around in the Fitness area. We managed to share a bit of foot training, playful mobility, stillness and game like coordination training with a constant focus of mindful movements.

With us was the one and only Rikard Hällberg as our Media King. First day of fun generated the video below.