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What is Bronx Experience? 

Bronx Experience consists of two International Trainers.
We freelance wherever there is a need for qualified Trainers and Group Fitness professionals.

We work with:

  • Fitness events
  • Lectures
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Personal Training
  • Instructor training
  • Fitness holidays and Wellness retreats
  • And much more

Bronx Experience is a joint effort to share our passion passion for life through; Train, Travel and Learn!

Our philosophy is to connect people through mindful movement and together with any team focus on the experience that you can forever remember.

Trends today make the extremes more distinct. Intense workouts become more intense and recovery workouts become slower and more mindful.

In the busy lives of the modern human there is a innate need for balance and connection to the inner self. At Bronx we take care of the outer and the inner being with much passion. 

We are diligent in choosing our partners and trainers with care as we expect the high quality and competence. We grow and learn together.

We love cross cultural and cross professional collaboration as we see the strength in having different perspectives. 

Any ideas inside and outside of the box are welcome!
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The power of music

I am a movement and music loving power woman with a tendency to get surrounded by cute cats from all over the world. I gladly share my passion with you and love to see people realise their own potential. 

A Spiritual journey exists within each and every one of us even if we want to or not. We can call it “finding yourself, being true to you” and many other things related to living life to the fullest. I embrace life and enjoy taking steps every day towards a more conscious presence. I try to teach and meet people in that very moment to create wonderful connections.

Experience and Education

– Freelance Trainer and Fitness professional. (Based in Sweden)
Trainer at Playitas Resort, Fuerteventura, Spain
– Professional DJ and DJ teacher – Tours/Events in Sweden and Europe
– Health Club Manager in Stockholm
– Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor – Les Mills Classes, Dance, Pilates flow, Yoga and much more

– Certified Aerobic and Fitness instructor by SAFE Educations Sweden 
– Professionally trained dancer at Royal Swedish Ballet School
– Schooled in Music Education at Adolf Fredrik Music School and Lilla Akademin.
– Trained in Performing Arts and Music in Stockholm and Gothenburg

Find me on Instagram @theabronx

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Andrianna "Andie" Wängström

The power of movement

I love moving around on an empty space. My ideal location would be a dojo with climbing wall, high bars and rope to climb on. There is still so much to learn and the little I know, I share with as many as possible.

Philosophy and tapping into our core consciousness is a big part of the path to mindful movement or simply mindful existence. I practice the art of awareness in life to fully enjoy every moment. Something that often transfers over to training and instructing. 

I love to work “in the field” as a Trainer but also behind the scenes of any effort to increase the wellness of our people. I have worked with children and seniors, from receotion to management and educated hundreds on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.


– Current: Self- Employed partnering up with several amazing companies to deliver more movement and education to the people. Based in Sweden.

– Trainer at Playitas Resort, Fuerteventura, Spain 2017- 2019
– Health Club Manager in Stockholm
– Teacher of anatomy, physiology and massage technique at Massage school in Stockholm
– Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor since 2011.
– PE Teacher with Sweden Sport Camps summer 2014
– And more jobs then need listed here. Find me on LinkedIn for full CV.


– Certified Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist
– Certified Agile Project Manager 
– CPR and AED instructor, Certified by the Swedish CPR Association
– Communication studies at University of Stockholm
– Leadership and Team Management course by Starka Resultat in Stockholm 
– Anatomy, physiology and health studies at Lund University

Find me on Instagram @worldofandie
For more detailed work experience please look me up on LinkedIn.